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Litigation Attorneys in Sacramento, CA

​Litigation arises when an individual formally files a civil lawsuit. Litigation includes a series of procedures that initially begin when an individual (known as “Plaintiff”) demands that another person (known as “Defendant”) has caused him/her injury and/or monetary damage. Litigation is the process of legal action to request monetary recovery for said injuries/damages. Litigation can also lead to demands of the Defendant to perform or refrain from performing certain actions. These issues may be resolved through a settlement agreement or ultimately resolved by either a judge or jury, depending on the type of issue.

If the matter proceeds to trial, each side will have an opportunity to present their legal arguments, supporting evidence, examine and cross-examine witnesses. Once the judge or jury makes their final decision, a judgment will be entered. The party which was ruled against will have an opportunity to appeal the decision with a specified time period.

If you have been served with a summons or are contemplating filing a lawsuit, contact our office now to assert and defend your rights.

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